Continuing education is essential in emergency care. That is why OEC technicians must complete the current cycle OEC refresher on an annual basis each year duing the three year certification. This intensive training activity distinquishes OEC certification from other EMS credentials, and helps full-and part-time rescuers update their competencies by reviewing one-third of the OEC curriculum each year.

The Outdoor Emergency Care 6th Edition is here! You can order the book or the ebook via the publisher Jones & Bartlett Learning (JBL)'s website. More information is available from the NSP website once you are logged in.

Note - Our refresher course price reflects technicians paying the annual National Ski Patrol (NSP) associate membership dues on your own, rather than through the PAI. Active membership is a requirement for OEC technicians and can be paid to the NSP starting in July for the following calendar year by logging into the NSP website. Once logged in, select your profile where it says "Hi, Name" near the top right then click on the Renew Now button.

Starting in the fall of 2018, we are adjusting the refresher training format to include the OEC hybrid online module. Details of how to complete the online module will be sent to technicians two weeks prior to the start of each course. As per the NSP (the certifying body), those individuals who fail to complete the hybrid online portion prior to arriving at the in person portion of the refresher will be asked to leave and come back on another date. The PAI reserves the right to charge a transfer fee in this situation. We encourage technicians to register early to avoid being disappointed when desired dates are not available.

Failure to maintain an annual associate membership with the NSP suspends the OEC first aid certification. Also, if an OEC technician fails to attend one or more annual OEC refreshers within any 3-year period, their OEC certification becomes temporarily invalid or suspended and the technician cannot practice first aid. In order to reinstate certification, the OEC technician must attend all of the missed cycle specific OEC refreshers and pay any outstanding annual associate membership fees directly to the NSP. Alternatively, technicians can re-certify by registering for a full OEC course, pass the exam and pay any outstanding annual associate membership fees directly to the NSP.

  •   Pre-requisites: Outdoor Emergency Care
    and Active Associate Membership with the NSP

  • BLS Responder (formally CPR-HCP) Re-Cert

    An additional component offered to those who have previously included CPR-HCP and AED as part of their OEC course curriculum, this course will allow those professionals in the guiding and patrolling industry to remain current in their certification.

  •   Pre-requisites:BLS Responder or CPR-HCP

  • Hybrid OEC and BLS Re-Cert course cost:$130 CDN, which includes division dues for the Pacific Northwest Division of the NSP. National affiliate memebership dues will be payable individually and annually to the NSP before December 31st to remain current. The cost does not include the 6th edition OEC textbook. The ebook version is available and recommended for existing OEC technicians with 4 year access (1460 days)to Navigate 2 Advantage. Order here: Jones and Bartlett Learning, Public Safety Group

    Please Note: Once you have registered for a refresher, any schedule change request will be considered but not guaranteed. We require an additional fee of $50 CDN to adjust the original registration to new dates based on availability. Also, we can only accommodate a schedule change request made more than two weeks prior to the date of the originally registered course and payment must be provided at the time the request is approved.

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