Pacific Alpine Institute COVID-19 Policy


The Pacific Alpine Institute believes in providing first aid education while maintaining the health and safety of those involved, including the instructors, the students and the potential patients. For these reasons, we have established the following Health and Safety COVID-19 Related Policy based on local, provincial and national guidelines. We ask all stakeholders to follow these guidelines unless specified otherwise.


1)    All first aid training will be delivered outdoors regardless of the weather. Shelter from the sun, rain and/or snow will be provided but all students should be prepared to spend the day outside. Some exceptions may apply for specific groups or extreme weather days.

2)    The total number of students and instructors per day will be limited based on the ability to appropriately enforce physical distanciation (defined below).

3)    All students and instructors will be asked to physically distance themselves by a minimum of 2 meters whenever possible. If adequate physical distancing cannot be enforced, all parties are asked to wear appropriate PPE (defined below).

4)    Appropriate PPE is defined as a minimum of a face covering - a 2-layer non-surgical mask or a surgical mask or a properly fitting N-95 respirator or equivalent. Due to the nature of our training program, we also ask that students and instructors wear gloves and goggles in addition to a mask as they may find themselves in closer proximity.

5)    All parties will be asked to bring their own PPE to the training; including mask, gloves, goggles, and personal hand sanitizer. PPE kits will also be available for purchase on site.

6)    All parties are reminded to wash their hands thoroughly every chance they get and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer whenever possible.

7)    We ask that no food or beverages be shared amongst parties. Everyone must bring their own food on site and limit the travels between the training site and other facilities.

8)    All students MUST read through and sign the WAIVER which includes a portion of COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone with symptoms will be asked to reschedule their training day to a later date - 14 days or more after the original date.

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